Yes, from the moment I saw you,
Fierce beauty, you pleased me;
Of the love I took in your eyes,
At once you saw yourself;
But with what cold air you received
All the care I took for you!
How many sighs I gave!
How cruel you were!
And what deep disdain you had
For the wishes I offered you!
In vain I prayed, I groaned:
In your harshness you knew
To despise all that I did.
Even one day I wrote you
A tender note that you read,
And I do not know how you could
In cold blood to see what I put in it.
Ah! I had to see you,
You had to please me,
That I should ingenuously tell you,
That with pride you should keep quiet!
Should I have loved you,
That I should despair of you,
And in vain I persisted,
And idolised you
For you to murder me!

Posted by:Benjamin

Hello to all, My name is Benjamin, I am the happy father of 2 beautiful children. I have always loved to read, since I was a child, I isolate myself to read everything and anything, novels, comics, economic news, pattern and also poems. This is the reason for this site, because poems have allowed me to learn and strengthen my English which I must say was not very developed... thanks to the French schools. I would like to tell you about the books I have read in my short life (yes, I am only 34).

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