Angels, Thrones and Dominations,
Principality, Archangels, Cherubim,
Bow down to the lower regions
With Virtues, Potestates, Seraphim,
Transvolve from the high crystal heavens
To decorate the triumphant entrance
And the most worthy birth adored,
The holy concept by mysteries very high
Of the Virgin, where all grace abounds,
Decreed by said imperiaulx
The most beautiful that ever was in the world.

Make sermons and preaching,
Carmelite devotees, Cordeliers, Augustinians ;
Du saint concept portez relations,
Caldeyens, Hebrieux and Latins;
Rumanians, sing on the palatine mounts
That Jouachim Saincte Anne met,
And that by them is administered to us
This Virgin without conjugal loves
That God created for the pleasure of the world,
Without feeling any original vices,
The most beautiful that ever was in the world.

Her honest and beautiful receptions
Of soul and body in the beautiful places of the bowels
Have transcended all conceptions
Personal, by divine mysteries.
For to nourish Jesus with her sweet breasts
God has always made her without a trace of monstrosity,
Declaring her by right and law oultree:
All beautiful for the most beautiful of the beautiful,
All clerical, nectarine, modest and worldly,
All pure above all vesseaulx,
The most beautiful that ever was in the world.

Muses, come in jubilations
And transmigrate your crystal streams,
Come, Aurora, by lucidations,
Preceding the beautiful morning days;
Come, Orpheus, to sound harp and clarins,
Come, Amphion, from the beautiful contree,
Come, Music, pleasantly acoustic,
Come, Royne Hester, adorned with joyaulx,
Come, Judith, Rachel and Florimonde,
Accompany with special honours
The most beautiful that ever was in the world.

Sweet zephyrs, by sibilations
Sow everywhere roses and reds,
Nimphs, raise your inundations,
Stigious places and marine carybdis;
Sound horns, viols, tabourins;
May my mistress, the Virgin honnoree
May my mistress, the Honoured Virgin, be adorned by everyone in every place
Come, Apolo, play the torches,
Ring, Panna, so high that all is redundant,
Collude all in general terms
The most beautiful that ever was in the world.

Devout, faithful and loyal spirits,
In paradise beautiful manors and chateaux,
At God’s pleasure, the Virgin founded for us
Or see her in her royal palaces,
The most beautiful that ever was in the world.

Posted by:Benjamin

Hello to all, My name is Benjamin, I am the happy father of 2 beautiful children. I have always loved to read, since I was a child, I isolate myself to read everything and anything, novels, comics, economic news, pattern and also poems. This is the reason for this site, because poems have allowed me to learn and strengthen my English which I must say was not very developed... thanks to the French schools. I would like to tell you about the books I have read in my short life (yes, I am only 34).

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