Come to our splendid parties!
Here banquets, there concerts, elsewhere balls.
Diamonds shine on the heads,
The wine reddens the crystal cups.
This haughty luxury which everywhere unfolds,
The people will pay for it in big money.
Municipalities, in the distance, drive out the crowd.
Let’s have fun!

What a beautiful feast! Precious and rare dishes,
Every morsel of which was bought at a price,
Wines haggled over with the most avaricious vintages
And that time has sealed with its seal…
What is this noise? – Nothing, it is a proletarian
Who is dying of hunger a few steps away from you.
– A dead man? That’s annoying! Let’s bury him.
Let’s get drunk!

Here are fruits that in autumn
Flies at great cost in summer for these meals:
There, it is the Aï whose foamy foam
Follows the cork that jumps with clatter…
What is it?… a firecracker that the eternal rage
Factious people? – No, no, don’t worry!
A shopkeeper burns his brains out…
Let’s get drunk!

Duprez begins… O sweet wonders!
Happy guests, leave your place settings.
It is now the bouquet of the ears;
We’ll sing for a thousand crowns of verse.
What plaintive air comes to this enclosure?
Guard, alert! Into prison all drag
That beggar who sings a lament…
Let’s get drunk!

Women, to the ball! The dance calls you;
From the violins hear the chords.
But a voice from above calls out to us.
Tremble! tremble! you dance on the dead
This cursed ground that your waltz brushes,
The gravedigger trod it before us… “
So much the better! The earth is softer under our feet.
Shake it off!

Posted by:Benjamin

Hello to all, My name is Benjamin, I am the happy father of 2 beautiful children. I have always loved to read, since I was a child, I isolate myself to read everything and anything, novels, comics, economic news, pattern and also poems. This is the reason for this site, because poems have allowed me to learn and strengthen my English which I must say was not very developed... thanks to the French schools. I would like to tell you about the books I have read in my short life (yes, I am only 34).

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